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Greetings fellow forum people,
I am a student at an university for computers and informatics, and I was wondering if you can answer my quick question:
- I am getting this new laptop with the following specs:

Processor: Intel Core2Duo P7350 - 2GHz 3MB L2 Cache
Memory: 2GB DDR3 SDRAM
Storage Drive: 320GB SATA
Screen Type: 15.6" Led Backlight HD 1366x768 16:9
Graphic Processor: Intel® GMA 4500MHD
Optical Drive: DVD-RW
Network: Gigabit Ethernet, WIFI b,g,n
Operating System: Linux,

so, with this specifications, am I ok with the Ubuntu operating system or should I upgrade to:
Windows XP or maybe Windows 7.
Your responses will be greatly appreciated, and also, take your time, I am not getting the netbook until next month.
Also if this is a wrong directory for my thread, please contact a moderator to transfer it, or let me know so I can contact one.

Foreign Student.
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  1. That spec will be fine for using as a student laptop if you only plan on writing up some word documents, using spreadsheets, surfing the web etc.

    I would recommend Windows though.
  2. lewza said:
    I would recommend Windows though.

    How come?

    That laptop you're buying seems pretty old. I'm hoping you're not paying the full price.
  3. Just a personal preference! Never been a fan of linux.

    What is the full price?

    Its not the newest most up to date machine, but for a standard student thats more than enough.
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