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Hi guys
My brothers and I are thinking of building our own home server for downloading, sharing and steaming large multimedia bittorrent files such as dvd ISO and hi-def movie file. We usually leave our computers on all day and sometimes end up downloading the samething on the internet. We are thinking that having a server might help reduce our electric and internet bills. The machine will likely be on 24/7, so we are looking for a build that has good power efficiency but also has enough juice to simultaneously download and steam multiple contents (in case we decide to watch movie from different locations of the house at the same time). We try to limit our budget around 500-600 usd for case motherboard cpu and ram excluding the hard drives. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
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  1. i3-2100, motherboard of your choice, 8gb of ram, 400w psu, etc.
  2. is GIGABYTE GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 a good choice for motherboard? Or should I get a cheaper motherbord and a separate raid hardware? I like to keep 4-6 hard drives in raid5 configuration.
  3. asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3.
  4. So far the hardware that I can readily find in my area (Thailand) is.
    Intel i3-2100 124.99
    Asrock z68 extreme 4 gen 3 184.99
    Gskill DDR3 8GB SR/1333 42.99 or /1600 for 49.99
    Lian-Li LanCool K9X Black USB3.0 about 110
    Any specific recommendation for power supply around 30-60
  5. Corsair cx500w
  6. I just looked up for the specification of asrock z68 extreme 4 and found that it comes with 3 pcie slots which aren't needed, so I would probably drop it and go with extreme3 as you have suggested. I guess I'm gonna have to look a little harder for place to buy extreme3 gen3 in Thailand.
    So far:
    Intel i3-2100
    Asrock z68 extreme 3 gen 3
    Gskill DDR3 8GB SR/1333 or /1600
    Corsair CX500W
    Lian-Li LanCool K9X Black USB3.0 => this is basically a mid-size aluminium gaming case with somewhat limited space for hard drives, what about full tower case that run cool and very quiet? It doesn't have to be aluminium with lots of fan mounted ventilation, but some fans for cooling off the hard drives would be good.
  7. Antec Solo II or fractal design define r3, both are excellent cases for quietness. You might also want to add an ssd to the build.
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