Random reboot ... now screen is 1024x768 with panning to 1680x1050

My PC experienced a random reboot this afternoon. No BSOD, just a black screen followed by a reboot.

When Windows XP finished loading, the visible screen resolution was about 1024x768 even though it's configured for 1680x1050. I can access the entire screen by panning the mouse up/down and right/left.

In the Control Panel, the display resolution is set to 1680x1050 as always. My monitor, a Viewsonic VG2030wm, knows something is wrong because on bootup, it flashes a message that the resolution should be changed to 1680x1050 for best quality. It's important to note this message is from the monitor itself, not any software loaded on the computer.

I went to Viewsonic's website looking for a new set of drivers. When opening the driver .EXE file, it says the driver for my monitor is not available and to download the exact same file (the one which gives me this message) from the website. Video card is an XFX 7600GS with nVidia Control Panel and nVidia nView Desktop Manager installed. I never use the latter, and I have no clue how it works either.

Any help is appreciated. This problem is really annoying!
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  1. Within the NV settings/res options, select 1024x768, then change back to your desired res.
  2. Tried that. Through the NV settings, selecting 1024x768 gives me a true 1024x768 resolution (no panning needed).

    When I switch it back to 1680x1050 as you suggested, the need for panning returns because it only displays 1024x768 at a time.

    In other words, same problem as before.
  3. When I'm having problems with my display drivers, I just reinstall the latest, carefully selecting "Do a clean install" option when installing. This shall solve any nvidia problems. Did you try that?
  4. Would this problem definitely be a (nvidia) display driver problem, and not a feature of Windows XP?
  5. This is getting weirder by the second.

    I rebooted my computer manually and when Windows loaded back up, my LCD monitor never came out of standby mode. I cycled the power but it reads "No Signal" and reverts back to standby. Last night something similar happened. I rebooted and the monitor didn't come alive until Windows XP had finished loading, probably 60-90 seconds later.

    But now, I'm dead in the water and writing from my laptop. I think I have another video card around and I will test that out.
  6. My worst fears have come true. The motherboard is bad.

    I swapped video cards with another computer with no change in status. My original video card works great in another PC. Also tried moving the video card to the other mobo slot with no success.

    Swapped monitors as well. My usual monitor works fine with another PC but not vice-versa.

    So that leaves only one thing: the Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard.

  7. sorry to hear that....
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