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I already have CD-Writer, but its an old Yamaha (4x4x16) and it doesn't support "MMC-DAO-Raw-Writing" used by CloneCD. I really need to use this to burn a lot of CDs these days b/c standard copying doesn't work b/c the CD can't be read properly. So I need to buy a new one, my options are to buy a SONY SPRESSA 12X8X32X (CRX160E/A1) for only $159.99 after rebate or a PLEXTOR 8X/4X/32X (PX-W8432TI/SW) for 159.99, there is the 12x10x32x version but its 225.99 and Im on a real tight budget. I don't care about wasted CDs b/c they only cost 50 cents anyways. Burn Proof doesn't seem important to me. All I need is the RAW writing ability. Someone make the decision for me!!! I thank you all in advance!
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  1. Get a faster Yamaha, they are the bomb.


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  2. I just wanted to add that speed is not a factor to me, as I have stated before all i want is: the ability to write RAW data! That is all I care about :) By the way I found a SONY 8X/4X/32X (CRX140E/CH2) for 115.99 after rebate, which seems like a better choice for me... but I just want to know how the sony drives work? Almost as good as Plextor? By the way my price ceiling is around $180, nothing more than that! Thanx again!
  3. Plextor is awesome and check out Aopen too. I saw a great review on a IDE drive. Couldn't get it to make a coaster (and not even burn proof).

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