Yet another new build question

Hi folks

I had a look around but cant find a welcome thread....maybe i didnt look hard enough :D so thought I'd just jump in with a Q sorry for the lack of eticate :non:

Well my insurance finally decided to pay out so I have money to spend on a new pc build
Ive been wandering around the web bewildering myself with more info than I can hold in all the compartments in my brain so I thought id pop in here for some clarity or extra confusion :pt1cable:

I cannot seem to find any decent info on building a non gaming pc 95% seem to be gaming reviews etc

I've done a few builds but a good while ago and altho I still fix/upgrade a few Pc's for friends am not that up on the latest tech anymore,

What Im looking for is quality components
Im reckoning Asus or Gigabyte board but then saw an MSI board that was supposed to be top quality components but its a gamer board and do I really need all those pcie slots anyway heres my budget/requirement list

Motherboard - upto £150 want AM3+ ATX (AMD as its what Ive had mainly in the past) quality is more important than gadgets

CPU - upto £70 Want Quad core but do I need Phenom or will Athlon be fine. or do I get 2x/3x and unlock it?

Memory - upto £50 want 8GB 2x 4gb so I can upgrade later was thinking G-Skill or Kingston

Graphics card - No preference but needs to be good quality mainly for watchin films and occasional games nothing heavy just arcade stuff, with hdmi for the TV im getting

Case - Have an old but well built full ATX one I will use

card reader - need a good card reader as my old case has no front ports needs a few usb ports as well

DVD - have a Sony Optiarc I'll use as secondary drive but need a quality one as primary/writing drive

PSU - upto £60 I have a Colorsit 600watt PSU that Ive been using for a few years but Im not sure its good enuf to put in a quality build.

HDD - Ive got altho I did think of maybe getting a 250gb hdd just for O/S's Kubuntu & Windows 7 with an old xp pro for a few progs I like to use now an again, Id like SSD but cant justify GB/£ at the moment

My plan is to use this as the main family pc altho in truth the kids are more likely to use the laptop
It'll be used for watching movies some CAD hobby work(mastercam x4) and occasional gaming tho nothing too serious
I often have multiple apps open
Ive got a CD/DVD library to burn so will be doin other stuff while they are burning

Any help or suggestions appreciated

Thanx for reading my speil

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  1. The reason why everything is made for gaming PC's is because that's where the market is dedicated to. People that want a general purpose PC usually just by a prebuilt.

    Since you're not into hardcore gaming an Athlon will do fine but Phenom II's are really cheap these days so you mine as well grab one. If you want a quad core, buy a quad core. The hidden core phenomenon is because the cores are either faulty or disabled on purpose so they're aren't going to be the most stable even if you do unlock.

    Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte are all top manufactures and mostly there for overclockers and gamers. Since you're building a PC its going to be hard to find a board with only one PCI slot because its impractical. Just go for a motherboard you like that is not too expensive that matches your CPU.

    For graphics you will probably make do with a 6670 just fine. Its cheap and plays most games well on high settings. Just don't expect to max anything intensive.
  2. thanx for the info bohleyk

    Im till waiting for the chq from the insurance so I cant buy anything till thne but doin lots of screen shopping :)

    found a good deal on a Asus sabertooth 990fx, a good £40 cheaper than anywhere else so will prob go for that with a phenom 955 x4
    Overkill I know but at least I know it will last a long time and is upgradeable

    thats assuming the deal is still on by the time I get the chq :)
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