What is the difference between amd dual core and intel i-5

Hello, what is the difference between AMD dual core and INTEL i-5
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  1. It depends on which i5 we are talking about. But the i5 is a quad core and generally outpeforms every cpu that amd has to offer.
  2. It also depends on which generation of CPUs you're talking about. The previous generation i5s consisted of a few dual core models as well, like the i5 661 and the quad core models like i5 750, 760.Present Sandy Bridge i5s are quad core CPUs (I'm talking about desktops here).

    When you say AMD dual core, it unclear which series you're talking about since there are a lot of dual core AMD CPUs.
  3. "What is the difference between amd dual core and intel i-5?"
    About $100 per GHz. :)
  4. Intel i5 is quad ( 4 ) core and like you said AMD dual (2 ) core. Quad cores are much faster and better in multitasking , CPU high demanding programs and aplications , in gaming , in the games who are optimised to use multicore ( 4 cores are better than 2 cores).
  5. There are more i5 dual core than there are quad but most AMD duals are more dated than any i5 but unless you tell us which CPUs noone can tell you much more. Are we talking mobile or desktop, current or older generation CPUs AMD Athlon Phenom A series?
  6. I am thinking to buy a laptop. which prossesor is good for gaming, movies and downloading intel-core i5 or AMD E2-1800 . and what is the differents these 2 prossesors. if there is some other laptops you will suggest me to buy let me now. i can afford up to £250-300.
    i will thanking you in advance :)
  7. About the same difference as between a Ford and a Chev. An objective person would say for a given price they do about the same things in about the same way. Intel has more brand recognition and tends to cost more than AMD does but otherwise there is little difference. Unless you ask a fanboy.
  8. Good job at answering a year old post lol
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