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I recently got the idea to use a triple monitor setup but I have a few questions; searching around on google didn't help so I figured this would be the best place to ask.

At the moment I currently have two 768mb GTX 460's in my setup. They're pretty heavily overclocked so I don't think that performance will be a problem.


1. Do two GTX 460's support three monitor gaming? I read around and I know that they support the 3 monitor 3d stuff but I wasn't able to find any answers to this.

2. If they do support it do they support different resolutions? My idea was to keep my 22" 1080p monitor as the middle and use two 17" monitors on each side. The resolution on the side monitors, however, is 1280x1024. The resolution is close enough that it doesn't bother me but it makes me wonder if Nvidia's monitor support will allow me to have different resolutions as far as height goes.

If I have more questions all be sure to ask. :D

Thanks in advance,
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  1. You will not be able to game at different resolutions, but might be able to set your larger monitor to 1280x1024, and simply live with a few black bars above/below and to the sides of the action?
  2. That's an option but at that point I probably wouldn't want the other monitors. Simple because my main monitor runs at 1920x1080 after that I would have something like 4-5" on each side (including the bezel).


    If I were to set my main monitors resolution to 1920x1024 using the nvidia control panel do you think that would work? I was just screwing around in there and found the custom resolution tab. After applying it some of things like "fuzzy" but it is otherwise manageable.
  3. For triple monitor gaming, all 3 have to be the same resolution. No way to work around it.

    You can support triple monitor gaming without the 3d stuff with your current setup, although the super high resolution without having 1gb of video ram on each card might put a strain on certain games or with certain settings enabled (higher level AA for example).

    You would be connecting 2 monitors to the first card, one monitor to the 2nd.

    Nvidia has an article explaining how you have to connect the monitors on their site I think, should check there.
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