Switch the restart button with the power button on pc case

I have an ASUS RAMPAGE II GENE motherboard and I have a problem. My pc case has 2 buttons, one is the power button and the other one is the restart button. Then the power button stop working.

After examining it I found out that there is a thin cable connecting the power button and the motherboard (attached to the pin POWER SW, or something like that) and next to it there is another thin cable connecting the reset button and the motherboard (attached to the pin RESET SW, or something like that :P).

So i came up with this idea:
Can i switch these 2 cables so that the RESET button will start my pc?

I know how to do it but I dont know if it will cause damage to my motherboard :/

Any help will be highly appreciated!

Thank you!
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  1. Yes, you can switch them around. Both buttons are the press and release type. No harm will come from using in this manner.

    Good luck!
  2. thank you a lot! hope it doenst explodes :D
  3. I did it and it worked fine, thank you again!!!
  4. Have fun! You are most welcome!
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