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Ive just bought 2 Kingston SSD (HyperX 3K 120GB) disk, that i want to set up in raid 0 for the OS - but i cant find a way to install the driver when im trying to install Windows.

I have downloaded the chipset driver, and are looking under the folder "packages" - but what folder should i select, so far - none of them is working.

What can i do?

I have correctly setted them up in raid in the Raid menu.

PS: When i try to install the drivers, it keeps saying this: (translated from Danish):

Use the setting "load driver to install a 32bit or 64bit drivere, so that the installation can continue. Installation of non-signed 64bit unitdrivers is not supported and might make Windows unstable....

I think this user, has the same problem - but that solution dosent Work for me :(
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  1. Hi, Try this driver: Unzip it and save it on an USB memory stick. Click load driver when asked where to install Windows.
  2. Will try today - and reply back! :)
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