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Over the last several months, I've been doing research for an alternative to Fraps for PC game video recording. I tried the HD PVR and that wouldn't work because of the wiring it required that my video card is not compatible with. After a bit more research, I have finally settled on the Hauppauge Colossus. But, I have one concern about it, and am hoping I can get some ideas here, even if you don't have experience with the product, maybe you can give me an idea.

First, I'll link to the product: http://www.hauppauge.com/site/products/data_colossus.html

I have confirmed from Hauppauge that it will not record voice input from my microphone, when hooked up properly to record videos and game audio. This is a slight disappointment, as many of my videos actually have real-time commentary on them. Fraps, records the mic input nicely and even has a push-to-talk option.

I tested out Audacity at the recommendation of a friend of mine, and it has to push-to-talk functionality. So the mic is constantly recording background noise, me coughing...anything. Unless I missed that feature in the program.

Anyways, what I'm looking for are ideas on how to record my mic input to the above product while recording video and gaming audio, with a PTT-type feature. Is there maybe a way to loop Teamspeak back through an output that I could hook up to this card?

I've been mulling this over for awhile now, and I'm just plain stumped. Thanks for any help or advice!
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  1. Why do you want another software than fraps? The non-free version of it is the best for recording games. But I'm sorry I don't know of any other software to do that.
  2. I'm trying to avoid the huge performance hit that every system takes when using Fraps. I have the paid version of Fraps and like it. But, I'm sick of having a monster gaming rig that's brought to it's knees to record gameplay.
  3. You can set your computer to listen to your mic input that way it plays through your speakers and gets captured as if it were game sound. If you are looking for a software alternative I would recommend using Dxtory as it can split audio devices onto multiple tracks :)
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