New configuration to replace old platform

Hi all !

I've sold my current configuration to a friend which does office applications. It was still working fine, but since I had a buyer for this 4-year old configuration, I jumped on the opportunity to sell it.

My old rig was :

CPU : Core 2 Duo E8400 overclocked @ 3.6 GHz

RAM : G.Skill PI Black Edition PC2-6400 8 GB kit

Motherboard : Asus Maximus Formula First Generation

Case : CoolerMaster CM 690 First Generation

I sold it last week for 350 $ (which is a good price for 4-year old hardware I think).

As you can guess, I'm an enthusiast user. I'm currently studying in electronics and networking, so my PC is a learning tool as well as a workstation.

Here are the other components that I'm keeping :

Power Supply : Corsair HX 520

HDDs1 : 1xRAID 1 Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB

HDDs2 : 1xRAID 0 Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 (On which I run my virtual machines).

GPU : PowerColor Radeon HD4850 (I don't play a lot, it's mainly for BOINC research programs...)

CPU Cooler : Zalman CNPS9700

GPU Cooler : Zalman VF1000

SSD : Samsung Business 256 GB SSD (even If I give you the reference, it's not a consumer model, so there is almost no detail of it on the Internet).

Sound Card : Asus Xonar Essence STX PCI-Express x1 (plugged to a nice Onkyo TX-8255 and Polk Audio Monitor speakers :love: ).

So I'm currently looking to buy a Sandy Bridge configuration as I don't have any other PC than my Asus UL30V ultraportable :D

At the beginning of my research, I was looking toward a Xeon based configuration, which supports the Intel VT-d technology for VMWare ESXi. But since there's not a lot of motherboard supporting this technology (excepted the Asus P8B WS which is, I think, not very interesting for an enthusiast user as there's not a lot of options and gadgets on it :P ), I gave up with the idea of getting a Xeon based workstation (which also can't be overclocked, reducing the possibilities at the end of the life of the platform). I've also noted that ESXi actually works well with a lot of mainboard which doesn't support this technology, and since I've never used ESXi yet and it would be only to discover this system, maybe I should sacrifice the VT-d to get other options which will be more usefull ;)

One thing I would do is to resale my actual Samsung SSD to get a new generation such as the Samsung 830 series or Intel 520 codenamed Cherryville which is supposed to come on the market on November 4th.

I've done a lot of research to build my new rig, and I'd like to have your opinion on the choices I've made.

Mainboard : Asus P8P67 WS Revolution

CPU : Core i7 2700K (which will ben available on October 24th!)

RAM : Kingston HyperX Genesis Edition 8 GB (and expand to 16 GB later, because I run a lot of virtual machines and I like to be confortable while running them).

What do you think about this platform? Price is not a problem (while remaining reasonable!).

I'm looking for something that is incredibly reliable and stable. I plan to overclock the CPU but not out of the box.

For the motherboard, I like to have a lot of stuff to play with. The more usefull options I have, the best it is, but I don't think the Z68 chipset would be very usefull for my usage.

Is there another high-end, performance motherboard you would recommend to me instead of the WS Revolution ?

Everything will be running under Windows Server 2008R2 and occasionnaly VMWare ESXi.

I would also like to know your opinion about a Xeon E3 configuration. If it really worth it, maybe I would reconsider this option...

Thank you very much for all your advices !

Ghost26 :)

N.B. :

Country Of Origin : Canada (Quebec)

Budget range : none.

System Usage : Virtual machines, scientific research (BOINC), home server (Apache file server), Multimedia, Workstation.

Prefered Website for parts : NCIX

Parts Preference : Kingston for RAM, none for other components.

Overclocking : Yes

CrossFire : No

Monitor Resolution : Full HD on my Dell U2311H, 1680x1050 on my Samsung T220 secondary monitor
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  1. Anyone to share his advice ? :(
  2. well, all it seems you need is CPU/RAM/Mobo.

    I'll suggest an i5-2500K, an AS Rock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3, and 8 GB or DDR3-1600, which should run $375-400
  3. Thanks for your reply :D

    I need more than a simple 2500K.

    I don't care of paying premium price for my hardware since I know I keep it for long. The whole kit can cost more than 400 $ !

    That's why I'm planning to get a 2700K with its new stepping and core revision.

    But for the mainboard, why ASRock ? I know this brand has made big improvements, but I still doubt they make the most reliable and the most stable mainboards on the market...

    What's your opinion about the P8P67 WS Revolution ?

    Remember that stability is very, very important for me.
  4. AS Rock has gained a reputation as good-quality, affordably-priced motherboards. I've used them in 3 builds since 2002 (when they were spun off of Asus), and have never regretted it once.
  5. Ok.

    But Asrock mainboards tell me nothing ... I'm more interested through Asus or Gigabyte with a workstation or high end mainboard of these brands...
  6. I continued all my research and unfortunately, I'm still lookign for the hardware I'm going to put in my next rig XD

    As of now, I'd go with :

    Mainboard : P8P67 WS Revolution. I want to have the best of the best and the most stable (stability is a real big concern for me) mainboard available at a decent price. I'm not interested toward ROG mainboard. I really want a stable(I repeat), reliable and high performance mainboard. Keep in mind it must also be able to run and compatible with VMWare ESXi and as of now, no 1155 Asrock mobos are listed in the ESXi Whitebox.

    CPU : 2600K or 2700K... I still don't know which one to get... is the 2700K issued from a better silicon die or wafer ? Doesn't it really worth the extra 60 $ on it ?

    RAM : Mushkin Radioactive Series, Really like Mushkin RAm, I want 1.5v or under at 1600 MHz. I'd go with Kingston but none of their Genesis line runs below 1.65v...

    Case : Fractal Design XL, but if you have any other suggestion, let me know !

    My other question is : Should I sell my Samsung SSD too ? Will I see the performance improvment with a SATAIII SSD such as an Intel 510 or Crucial M4 ? The Samsung 830 looks nice too, but still unavailable in Canada and offering very supbar TRIM performance according to Anadtech... And the upcoming Intel 520 will be under a SandForce 2181 controller, so I'm not really interested anymore ...

    Thank you very much !!!
  7. No one to give me their impression ?
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