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My Saitek Eclipse 2 has been broken for awhile. The keyboard functionally works great, but one of the stands that it sits on has broken off. Right now I use two pieces of cardboard under each side of the keyboard to 'raise' it up to have the same effect as the stands did. Is there somewhere I could buy a replacement for this? I searched Google but couldn't find anything. The broken stand, as well as the good stand, snap off fairly easy. It would be an easy fix it I could find a place that sells this kind of thing.

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  1. i doubt you can get replacement part,
    how about go lowes buy appropriate height (1inx1in, or 1/2in x1/2in) wooden rod
    cut 1 inch long and super glue to the base of keyboard, (i paint it black to look good)
    that still works fine after 2 years since my kids broke my Saitek
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