Should I get a B75 or Z77 motherboard?

I want to upgrade my computer from my old C2D. I am retired and I use my computer 2 - 4 hours a day to surf the web, read emails and do some simple Word and Excel work. My needs are pretty basic but I want a FAST machine.

Should I get a B75 or a Z77 motherboard? My priorities are stability and reliability. I want USB 3 and SATA 3. I do not plan to overclock. CPU will be an i3-3225.

I have a preference for ASUS and Gigabyte.
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  1. If your intent is only really to surf the web and do things like word and excel you will be fine with a b75 motherboard I wouldn't get a z77 unless it was in the same ballpark but you would be fine with a b75. I'll list some z77 boards as well but if you have no intent beyond what you described to me you will be more then fine.




    MSI: Cheap Z77

    Asus: lowest priced z77 board

    Gigabyte lowest price z77 board
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