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Upgrade Dilemma

Okay, so my brother of thinking of upgrading his current GPU which is Gigabyte 3650 non-reference card, and his current 2 choices are:
He can get a used 4890 1GB probably without warranty or a brand new 5830 for extra 50$. Which one should he get? Also is the upgrade worth it since he can run all new games on medium with a playable framerate of 30-50fps. He's not sure about the upgrade thing he may just skip the gpu part and buy the X-box 360 instead of GPU. Thanks for help!
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  1. What's the system? Budget for upgrading.
  2. A HD3650 is pretty weak. What PSU does he have (brand and model, not just wattage). He might be happy to spend $80 to $100 for a HD5670 or HD6670.
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    For 100$, The 5770/6770 Is The Best Choice Out There Mate!
    6770/5770 > 6750/5750 > 6670/5670!
  4. Well he has a non reference design from Gigabyte, he's using 400W but will upgrade to 500W soon. I don't know his full specifications but he's hell-bent on 5830, we saw a great deal for 5830 it was 125$ but I think it's all sold out
  5. Also I have a problem as well, xDD I am thinking of getting the 6850 Direct Cu V2 for the same price of a Sapphire 6870 which is a regular 6870 but with non-reference cooler from Sapphire. Which one would be my best? They 're around the same price.
    My current mid-gaming spec is (this is what I've bought so far the GPU is missing so I can't play the rig yet).
    V4 Black Edition Casing
    Corsair GS600 PSU
    ASUS M5A78L LE
    Phenom 1090T BE
    2X2GB Princo Turbo 1800MHz CL8
    HDD 1TB WD Green
  6. 5830 is actally 150$ not 125$ for some reason I couldn't edit my message.
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