Gigabyte Z77X UD3H USB 3 Problem

So I have Windows 8 installed and from what I can tell USB 3 Drivers are supposed to be included with Windows 8 as VIA does not have drivers for them on their website nor does gigabyte, anyone by any chance know a solution? (The Intel controlled USBs work fine, just the via.)
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  1. VIA USB 3.0 is supposed to work in Windows 8 with built-in driver, no need to install driver for it.
    What problem you encountered?
    pls point again which USB3.0 port having problem, ex. under Lan port, under PS2 or near Lan port...
  2. The two near PS2 port and the two next to esata port, the two above lan work fine.
  3. in windows VIA USB port not work? or in bios setup? or postscreen.
    if in bios setup and postscren not work, it's normal becasue the driver is not installed.
  4. have u checked the device managment about usb port?
  5. It was the board, had to RMA it, seems something was wrong with the via chipset because windows would detect those 4 ports but when something plugged into them nothing would happen (windows 8) on windows 7 again windows recognized them as a USB port but when attempting to install the via drivers I would get an error message saying "no supportable hardware detected"(via drivers off gigabyte site AND via website would give me this error) contacted gigabyte and they told me it was the VIA chipset
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