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I have a crappy WMCP78M and i bought an upgrade CPU for it AMD Athlon x2 4850e Socket AM2, I want to upgrade my main board with a decent board, with much more bios options and CPU upgrade options but i need it to support my new AMD Athlon x2 4850e Socket AM2. So i was looking on tigerdirect and newegg and none have any AM2 Boards only AM3 and AM3+ Would any of them support an AM2 CPU such as mine?

Yeah i know it would be easier to just do a MB/CPU upgrade but funds are low and i gotta work with what i got :)

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  1. Yeah since i cant find an answer i did not think i would get one here lol,

    thanks anyways
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    An AM3/AM3+ mother does not support AM2 CPUs unfortunately. The CPU actually doesn't fit into the to a subtitle change in key position and if you manage to get in into the socket it won't either because AM3 motherboards require a processor with DDR3 support and.

    So, you need to look for a AM2 motherboard. Most of the Asus M2A-series motherboard are quite descent but Gigabyte and some other brand make nice boards as well. Some computers might still have some in stock but I guess your best bet is Ebay. Just had a wee look for you on Egg and found this board, it wouldn't be my choice though but according to ASRock your CPU is compatible Check your CPU revision though.
  3. Thank you very much for your help, for the price i will buy that board :)
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