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I'm looking for a different card for my Dell XPS 8300 and want to make sure what the interface is, i.e. PCI Express, PCI Express 2, PCI Express 2.1. I can't find this information anywhere. It's a reasonably late model, purchased 4/11

I'm looking for a simple card that will support 3 DVI monitors out of the box without any adapters. The existing card has given me nothing but headache since day one and there is little help to get from the vendor. I am not a gamer, just want to use my 3-monitor setup without any problems.

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  1. I own a dell studio xps 8000 which is the previous model of your 8300 and my nvidia control panel states the bus to be pci express X16 Gen 2
  2. I think your 3 monitor goal will logically require an AMD card, 5xxx/6xxx series...; most will indeed support 3 monitors.
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