Motherboard making high pitched noise/squeal

Hello, i've had my computer for 2 years now. It's an ASUS CG8350 ( I've replaced the video card, RAM and PSU for about a year ago. For like 2 weeks ago my computer started to make a high pitched noise when i play Fullscreen games like Counter Strike Source and CoD. The noise is not there when my computer is idle, it starts after being like 10-30 minutes in a game. I turn off my computer when i go to sleep and when i turn it on again when i wake up the noise is gone but returns when i play CSS (the same problem). When restarting my computer (pressing the restart button) the noise is still there when it turns on again. I think the sound comes from the motherboard or CPU or somewhere close to that area. The sound is very annoying... I've checked my computers temperatures and they are not higher than usual. (CPU 28-50 degrees celcius) (GPU 35-60 degrees celcius) (motherboard 20-30 degrees celcius)

CPU: Intel core i7 2600 @ 3.4 Ghz
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 TI 1GB DDR5
PSU: Silverpower 750W
RAM: 4x4GB Corsair Vengeance

I don't know if you need more information but please help me this sound is very annoying and i can't live with it much longer, it's driving me insane :(

Sorry for bad grammar (I'm Norwegian :))
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  1. Oh forgot mobo sorry :P

    Asus P8H67-M PRO.
  2. its probably your heat sink or your graphics card, after about 30 minutes your cpu and gpu start to really heat up and the fans come on really heavy, i would say find a way to test them both. what heat sink are you using?
  3. using stock heat sink
  4. It's called coil whine. Coil whine happens as a result of interplay between two components with coils. It's usually the video card and the power supply, but the motherboard can also be one of the players.

    The choices are using nail polish to silence the offending coils (you may be able to locate them better by using a cardboard tube such as may be found at the end of a roll of paper towels), or to RMA and hope the replacement doesn't do the same thing. The nail polish remedy does work, if you find the coils that are making noise, but I'm not enthusiastic about users having to spread goo all over their stuff just so the company can be cheap about not immobilizing the coils.

    I think I've seen people say it fades over time but not quickly.
  5. Could the coil whine come from my modem/router? i recently moved my router and modem to my room to get wired internet and it was at this time the noise began...

    btw thanks for quick replies

    00:09 - 00:11 the exact same noise as i have but it's just that it lasts until i turn my computer off and leave it off for some hours. It's not changing sounds like in it does in the video
  7. I narrowed down the sound. it's comming from the PSU. any ideas on what to do?
  8. Depends what the exact issue is. Maybe a bad fan? if so replace it.
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