Which set up quicket for light office use.

I am building two PCs at the moment:

Boath are similar specs withs SSDs, and 4 GB of memory. The processors are:

Intel Xeon HT 3.8 GHZ 800FSB


Intel Xeon Dual Core 2.33GHZ 1333 FSB

Both machine are dual processor and have two processors installed.

Question: Which is better for snappy office use, I rarely do any rendering or other tasks that I see bench marks are based on, which processor set up will give better results for everyday office based tinkering.

Oh I often bind large pdf documents.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Do you have the specific cpu model #?
  2. 2 x xeon 5140 (SL9RW)


    2 x xeon SL8P2
  3. The 5140.
  4. Thank you.
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