Is 2gb graphics card are future proof cards

im building my another rig somewhat cheaper..ati 69502gb or gtx 560ti 1gb
not sli or crossfire.. 2gb will be a future proof ..which is best among these
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  1. The only thing you're getting with that extra 1gb of VRAM is for super high resolutions (stuff above 1080, like 1600x1200 or the crazy ass 2560 range).

    You're better off concentrating on other specs of the card, like core clock, shader clock, etc.
  2. True, but if he wants to play on that settings in the future, like stated, the 2 GB would be maybe better though.
  3. in my opinion i would say yes you will need the 2gb in future but core clock and cuda cores if u go with nvidea are all important things as well. reasoning behind the 2gb is right now there are several games out right now that use 1.2 - 1.6 gb of memory on 1080. crysis 2 with hi red textures and dx11 being one of them. but to be honest the performance of the card is more important memory is only good if your card can use it and still run with acceptable framerates. If your thinking of buying the card soon, i would hold off for the new 28nm arch. from my understanding the new 6xx series from nvidea are suppose to get 2 - 3x the performance per watt.
  4. Except don't try to focus on technical specs like comparing clocks and cores but on the overall performance of the cards since the architecuturew differences and changes make inter-card comparisons weak. There is just no good substitute for reviews and benchmarks.

    A good place to start a search for good cards is the THG article on the best video cards for the money, updated monthly to reflect new prices and new cards. Note that it includes links a very brief description of the performance level of the card plus links to reviews with detailed performance benchmarks, most often with comparisons to other cards:,2964.html

    For more general information about how to upgrade video cards, including determining system limits and comparing, selecting and installing video cards, I recommend this site:
  5. If the gpu is very weak then it is pointless not that the memory cant be used but when it comes to performance it would be pointless but a 6950 is better off in the long run. 1280x1024 and 1600x900 don't need much and 1gb is enough for even the hogs except for gta iv. 1920x1080 with a lot of aa and af it will help as games near and pass 1gb in load but it will be at least a year or more before there are any games out there that suck that much.
  6. 2GB won't be future proof at all. The next generation 1GB cards will blow any 2-3-4 GB cards, then the same will apply with next generation, then the next. If you want to waste money for nothing then you can buy a 2GB cards.
  7. Check out benchmarks comparing the same gpu both 1bg and 2gb. You'll find the extra gig and extra bucks you pay will give you a couple more frames at higher resolutions, same with the nvidia cards that are both 1.5 and 3gb. These cards aimed at gamers who play with mutiple monitors.
  8. deicidechaos said:
    Check out benchmarks comparing the same gpu both 1bg and 2gb. You'll find the extra gig and extra bucks you pay will give you a couple more frames at higher resolutions, same with the nvidia cards that are both 1.5 and 3gb. These cards aimed at gamers who play with mutiple monitors.

    I agree, most do not know how much vram their games are actually using and are only focused on only raw fps but typically one sometimes is able to get away with a few more higher details and settings than those who only had what was the norm of the day. Such vram can help but only when the amount of memory being used is more than what would have been the norm and common. For example one has a card with 256mb of vram and another with the same card but with 512mb. Both have systems with similar specs and play the same games. Most games don't use more than what the 256mb card can provide so there is no fps difference than the other card. However in some situations there is one or more games that under some settings needs more than 256mb and there is a performance drop as a result of what couldn't be held in the vram goes to the texture memory that is virtual and sitting in the pagefile. The 512mb card can provide the extra needed memory before being full and the excess goes to texture memory. It is a forgotten factor in gaming but it still applies in these situations. Will most games need more than 1gb no but does not mean there is a few that can easily go beyond that but any way people often sacrifice eye candy for a few extra fps and say what they got is better than what every one else has only because it got a few extra fps than the other guy with the same card. True other factors often become evident before memory becomes a limiting factor such as fill rates ect or lack there of enough raw shader. When the vram becomes full and the demands of the game exceeds that then there is a performance penalty due to having the gpu wait for textures to be loaded.
  9. I heard there are games who like more than 1G, not a lot but still. Beacuse of that i think there is a good possibilty that there will be more in the future especially when game designers see that there are a more people with 2G, they will design games who like more vram to play on full settings. I believe being really futureproof is like taking an insurance ; you pay a lot of money for something you might not ever need. But when you need it beacause of not forseen circumstances it's there and your save.
    I would not like to give somebody the advice now that he is save with a 1G card and then maybe in two years time there are a lot of games he can't play on full settings because of the lack in vram. Saying he'll never needs it is prediction the future and that is always a gamble, therfore if you want to really insure your self from any possibilty take the 2 G, maybe you pay the extra money for nothing, maybe you don't. Only the future will tell.
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