Graphics card killed my PSU, and BSOD between 30-90 minutes.

Hi there,

Have no idea where to ask this, but here goes:

I bought a XFX ATI Radeon HD 6770 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card for my PC, and after a few hours play all was going fine, then I noticed that my PC would not work, instead I would recveive 1 beep then 8 short beeps, so I'm guessing my grapgics card was not getting any power or something like that, I opened the case and noticed that the cable leading to my rear fan (that connected the PSU to the graphics card) was burnt, so I took it out and then my would work yay :bounce:

Or so I thought, after an hours play I heard some kind of hissing/sizzling from inside my PC; turned it off for an hours or so and then tried to turn it on again, but then it would not work.

So I bought a new PSU, a Cooler Master RS550-ACAAE3-UK GX-Series 550W Power Supply Unit, and a new fan.

After an hour or so of working, my monitor screen froze, and then after a few seconds I would get a BSOD, with an error about the "Attempting to reset display drivers timed out" or something like that, the display drivers, BIOS and motherboard were all up to date, yet I would still get the BSOD.

So, I took out 6770 and put in my old 5450 and no BSOD, at all.

On saturday I returned the 6770 via post to the company I bought it from, and today I got an email from them saying they could not find a problem with the graphics card.

So I'm wondering, is there something wrong with the motherboard or what?
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  1. Did you remove and reinstall the graphics drivers after inserting the new card?

    What are your full specs?
  2. I uninstalled the 5450, inserted the 6770, installed the drivers from the AMD website, unistalled when the graphics card wouldn't work, re-inserted the 6770 back in again, and installed the drivers again; but it still wouldn't work.

    I have a:

    i3 540
    ASRock P55/USB3 motherboard
    4gb RAM
    Corsair 2gb DDR3 PC3-10700H 667MHz memory
    And the PSU and graphics card from above
  3. ReviverSoft said:
    If you can test the HD 6770 on another system, nothing like it. At least that way, you know for a fact that it is your Video Card at fault.

    BTW, the GX PSU series from CoolerMaster isn't of great quality (thanks to its OEM). Consider Corsair, Seasonic or XFX.

    Nope, this system is the only one I can test it on.

    The 6770 should be back in a day or two so I can test it then.
  4. Uninstall Catalyst install manager in add/remove
    Download DriverSweeper
    Clean out AMD display
    Install latest CCC as Admin.
  5. Back again, the guys that I sent it back to said that they could not find a fault with the card, and I did what you said davcon, and still got the bsod.

    Did manage to get a picture though.

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