Recently, I've discovered an issue with my BIOS, the other day I went to change the clock speeds on my CPU and the BIOS came up but only on 3/4th of my monitor (It appears the BIOS wasn't using the whole extent of my monitor's resolution) instead of the entire display. Despite this the 3D part of the BIOS seemed to work fine however the detailed view doesn't work at all. The detailed view's menus are distorted and inoperable. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense it's a hard phenomena to describe. But I feel as though if you have seen this before you might know what I'm talking about and what might remedy this.
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  1. what you have changed in detail?
  2. I haven't changed anything since going into my BIOS a few months ago unless the Windows 8 install did something suspect. As far as inside the BIOS, I changed the clock speed from the 3D BIOS but that's it because I can't get access to the detailed settings.
  3. when in 3d bios, you can press "ESC" to get access to the detailed settings
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