Cannot get 2 monitors to run with hd6870

Hello,like others here I am having similar problems..and the solution does not seem very elegant.I also bought,what I thought were the correct DVI-D Dual link cables and experinced all the one on,identical display, now I can extend across the 2 monitors,but via the HDMI to DVI-D(monitor),and DVI-D to the VGA input on the monitor,it works but obviously the VGA does not not allow maximum resolution to one of my 24" AOC monitors..Previously I had a Matrox Dual-Head,and that was a breeze to set up..Very frustrating..and certainly not the hassle I expected..with the costs involved I would have expected a more straight-forward set-up..or maybe I'm completely mising something..and I'm on W7 64 bit.
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  1. try Display fusion
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