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my laptop wont see ssid unles the desktop in on and connected i am stump i checked every setting anybody got a clue
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  1. what kind of router?
  2. comstar running 7 desk and laptop
  3. is it 7 desktop or windows 7 on the d desktop and whats on the laptop ....
  4. the router was not compatible with 7 i just bought a new one and everything is fine thank you for the reply
  5. hi.....ive never heard of such a think, this is a first. most of the time its only ur security key setup that would be an issue if u use one , the other is updating the firmware on the router . most router can take dd-wrt , openwrt , tomato or some other openforum firmware which adds immense functionality . on the security key wep is only numbers , ten to be exact then wpa is a name plus number "ellen1964" very easy . done this all my days never had issues .
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