MOBO stated max memory vs sizes of (GB) of single sticks

The motherboard I'm thinking of buying says 64GB max memory. It has 4 slots. How is this board able to go 64GB if the sticks are made that will do it?
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  1. Hi, What motherboard?
  2. You would have to buy a 16 Gb memory stick, so if you had four slots for the memory then
    16+16+16+16 would =64 Gb. The problem finding the memory in that density on one stick.
    For the most part that sort of config of memory is more likely to be used for a server motherboard with the ability to use two Cpu`s with 8 or more cores of each.
  3. alexoiu said:
    Hi, What motherboard?

    Your question, made me relook at what I was puzzeled by. I had searched for "Sabertooth" to show my wife and thinking I was looking at the X-79...NO! I was looking at AMD's 990FX...Duh! Thanks for making me look again...I am :pfff: embarrassed.
  4. No problem, it happens.
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