EVGA 560 ti or ASUS 560 ti ?

Which of these 560 ti cards would you go with? Price not the issue. Asus 3 yr. warranty; EVGA lifetime warranty. The Asus card got a stellar review on HardOCP here:

System specs: Asrock Fatal1ty z68 mobo
i7 2600K
Crucial m4 128gb SSD
4-6 add'l SATA drives
AZZA Hurrican case (8 fans)
and the reason I put all those specs are because I'm running a 650W PSU (has 54amps on 12v rail):
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  1. Asus will be quieter and cooler.

    As for the warranties.. hell in 3 years you will have probably upgraded to a new card anyways.. I understand the appeal of the lifetime warranty, but you won't have this card in 3 years if you are at least somewhat serious about gaming and technology and wanting to keep up with it.

    Asus gets my vote
  2. Agree with you on warranty, 3 yrs is plenty, although I don't know how good Asus is to deal with on warranty issues. I am leaning towards the Asus.
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    I'd go with EVGA - with Asus you do not know what you are going to get - I've had some really good luck with Asus like motherboards for instance - and on other things I've had some really horrible luck with Asus (DVD burners, monitors, etc). EVGA's main focus is graphics cards and they've been making some really consistent ones in the last few years, and their RMA turn-around times are incredibly quick if something goes wrong.
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