Is there an adapter to connect XBOX 360 controller to the PC

We recently purchased an xbox 360 with a wireless controller. We're going through batteries very fast. Is there an adapter to turn this wireless controller into a wired one? If not, if I but a wired controller, will it work with this xbox?
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  1. You will need this to connect your wireless xbox360 controller to yuor PC. The wired controlers also work.

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  2. x2 on buying rechargable batteries. even rechargable AA's will work well.
  3. not completely sure what you want because the thread topic's a little different than the question within but...

    there's an cable/adapter call the "play & charge". it will allow your 360 controller to charge via the usb port but does NOT transfer data, so if your planning on using it to play PC games, it wont work. you also need a rechargeable battery pack for the controller, which usually comes with the cable.

    there's also the "wireless gaming receiver for windows." check out JRock's first post. It allows your PC to receive the controller but doesn't charge it.

    rechargeable AA's obviously work too.
  4. I know this has been talked about, but surely there's a way to bypass using wireless adapter or wired controller,the basics are preety much the same in game consoles and computers,you can now have slim xbox's that connect to internet and pc through media centre without using adapter so why can't you use the wireless xbox controler to connect to a computer,isn't there a way to put bluetooth or wifi of some kind into the controllers.Xbox and Windows are both Microsoft so there must be a way for them to make a driver for controllers to work with computers and vice versa,mouses and things if you wanted to on an xbox.They just want to rip you of and make you spend more money.When the new xbox will have probably everything you could ever need.
  5. LOL - of course the xbox has a built in wireless adapter to connect to the media center pc. And theres built in RF transceivers to handle the controllers... How do you think this stuff works, magic?

    Since pc's dont typically need xbox controllers manufacturers dont build them into the motherboards. Why would you want an xbox controller over a keybd and mouse anyways?
  6. popatim said:
    Why would you want an xbox controller over a keybd and mouse anyways?

    Maybe because, like me, he prefers using a controller to game with.

    I made my own PC wireless receiver from the RF board out of my dead x360. Cheap, easy, fun to do, works. Now I can play Fallout 3 and Portals 2 sitting on the couch instead of hunched over a keyboard/mouse at my desk.
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