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Bridging Connections

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April 10, 2005 11:01:46 AM

I was looking through my computer to day and found that I acn bridge two network connections together. I was wondering what are the benefits from it. The network that I am hooked up to is only 10/100 so my Gigabit is not being used to its full potential. I am sharing stuff over the network if i bridge the connections will this stop my computer working so hard as when I am watching a movie or playing a game it can sometimes slow the game down if I bridge the connections will this have any affect on this. If the bridging is better I will do that but if I dont get much benefit from it then I will continue using a single connection.

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April 11, 2005 2:25:49 PM

(My understanding) It'll combine the connections together to use the better and the other will result in a fail over or over flow.. so if you have wireless and wired.. and the wired connection is getting slammed for some crazy reason, it'll over flow to the wireless to get the job done.. it just combines the two connections.. doesn't really increase speed but it shares them.. may also let two connections talk.. wired connection comes into your computer, goes out on the wireless to another PC, etc.

You can bridge them, shouldn't hurt anything in my experience with it. Don't really do it all that often though.