Mouse & keyboard not working


I was building my pc and encountered little the boot keyboard and mouse aren't powering up. I know that mouse and keyboard are working...tried both ps/2 and usb ports no luck. So can't enter bios or install new windows.
None of the USB front or back doesn't work

MoBo: ascrock 4CoreDual-SATA2 r1.0
CPU: Intel Dual Core
Nvidia Geforce 7500 & 9800GT
RAM 1gb DDR2

First thought was that motherboard was bad but how can all of usb and ps/2 ports be broken?
Then can problem be wrong ram? Asrock eats 667/533 and I 'm not sure what RAM I'm using now.

any ideas?
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  1. try usb keyboard and mouse
  2. are you sure it powering up?
  3. I pretty sure since I get to installing windows since it seems bootz CD auto without setting it from bios I just can't istall windows since keyboard is dead
  4. and yes I tried usb mouse and keyboard too
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