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Which GPU Should I BUY???

Which GPU Should I BUY???
My System Spec r..
Processor: Intel Dual-Core @2.5GHZ
Mobo: Intel DG31PR with PCI-E 2.0 X16 Port
Ram: 2GB DDR2
PSU: 400W
My budget is around 80$-100$
i knw there r numerous cards within my budget then y i'm asking here?
it is bcoz i wnt to knw which is the best 4 my PC, and any1 who experienced a good gpu within this budget..
Card i would like to prefer should be
2.Memory Interface Width should be 256 bit
3.Atleast 512MB
Games i would like to play on tht card would be like..
Bioshock 1,2
GTA IV(atleast at low setting)
Grid etc...
Plz take an account of my System Spec BEFORE referring any GPU.....
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  1. A dirt cheap 9800gtx+ or a gtx 280/285 would do for that price range on the second hand market. A good overclocked 9800gtx can beat a gts 450 in some games.
  2. thx 4 ur effort but i prefer New cards over Old ones....
    i bought 2 second hand cards and both got fried after a few months....!
    after tht mishap i always prefer NEW cards..:P
  3. Then you won't get what you prefer then. A gts450 is the very best that you can get with that budget.
  4. beside GTS 450 (If it isn't available in my region)
    Which is better..
    9800GT OR GTS 250
  5. Without more information on your PSU, I cannot assume it is any better than a generic unit, in which case the strongest GPU I could recommend and feel safe about it is a HD6670 or HD5670, neither of which needs auxiliary power. You do not mention your resolution, but I can tell you I recently tested a HD6670 at 1920x1080 with older games, and all worked fine at maximum quality settings including 4xAA. Your newer games will definitely need lowered settings, but I'd expect them all to be playable with this card.
  6. @jtt283
    So u prefer HD6670 OVER GTS 450?
  7. Best answer
    Dude I m Using EVGA GTS 450 while buying it(about 4 months back) i also had thoughts same like u and i had decided to buy GTS 250 which beats 450 in some games but after research and recommendation i had bought 450 and than i came to know i did Right .I M too a Nvidea Freak and thats y i havnt bought 5770 which beats 450. In such budget and nvidea the only option is 450 if u increase the budget than 550ti is a good choice in Nvidea.I am now thinking to upgrade. The Best Price card in the market now is 6790 if one have physicx as my friend have bought 6790 yesterday and he dont care for physicx Because his ati will too have physicx :D Shocked?? thats is true his asus board(which i might buy also) has physicx chip which means if he use ATI than his board will support physicx so he dont need to worry for physicx :) but the one with not such board as u will have to go with Nvidea and if u cant buy 450 or 550 than Buy 250 it is not a bad choice too but latest should have preferences and 450 is an upgrade to 250,, and its not the bit rate that only counts but the memory clock ,core clock etc.. compare both bit rate + clocks than u will know which ones better..

    According to me As i Have used all the cards that i mentioned below.

    And also keeping in mind your specs.

    i recommend u in Nvidea
    1 Nvidea EVGA SC GTS450
    2 buy GTS250 over 9800gt only if u cant buy 450.

    If u can compromise on Physicx than

    In ATI
    HIS 5670 (better than gts250 in modern games)
    5770 or 6770 (better than 450 in latest games)

    and one thing u should know this doesnt mean that if u have ATI than it means u cant play game it relies on Physicx, Only those game Which Completely Rely on physicx show difference Even partially relying games can b played also (without Physicx) the Completely relying game i mean Is MAFIA II on Ati it Just sucks and works best with nvidea.

    The Power supply capability depends on Amps on 12V rails check that they wil be written on your Powersupply,, mine Antec 450WATT has about 34Amps Dual RAIL.

    All the Cards I suggested Will work on your PSU according to my assumption

    LEt me know if u need any further help
  8. Without knowing more about your PSU, I do not know what the most powerful card it can run is. Please provide the brand and model, not just the wattage. Until you do, I will not safely assume it is able to provide more power than what is needed by a HD6670. If it's something solid, e.g. from Seasonic, Delta, or FSP, you could probably run a HD5770 or HD6770 on it, maybe a GTS450. If it's a cheap generic, the HD6670 would be its limit.
  9. Well I suggest that you research before making any purchase. The older cards are built better if you know what you are looking for then you will avoid the junk out there however their age does not help. Fermi era cards are not built as well and have lower 32bit floating point performance but their clocks make up for that as well over 90% scaling in sli is a bonus. Physx likes only raw shader and a little bandwidth but either than that a good gts450 will hold you up. On the low it is a joke and a gts250/9800gtx can beat it while in some games it can get close to a gtx260 at times but a core 216 version can fly past it. You need a bigger budget if you really want a decent card though or take some risk on the second hand market. As for being burned with what you have bought in the past well it is just bad luck and not knowing how to avoid the crap.

    gts450 if you can get it hands down.

    PS I am a collector and got a few cards recently.
  10. Go for GTS 450 i have that card its good!
  11. @s9y143
    Thx 4 ur help and time..
    I'll go with GTS 450...
    Although Ati is cheaper but i don't like it for no reason:D
    I'll stay tuned with nVidia...:)
  12. @nforce4max
    thx 4 ur effort..
    i'll definitely go with gts450
    moreover i'll upgrade my PSU to abt 500W (for nt having any trouble with new card)..
    Thanks to all u guys for ur time and effort..
  13. The gts 450 at stock and at ref clocks uses 109w at full load so it won't even need a 550w unit to run this card. A Good quality 550w unit can run a gtx460 with room to spare.
  14. GTS 450 OWNSS!
  15. @1ni3shi
    GTS 450 should give better performance than GTX 260..
    the reason is;
    GTS 450 got higher core clock, its GDDR5 ,mem clock is higher and consumes MUCH less power Than GTX 260..
    Moreover it supports DX 11 while gtx 260 support dx 10.
    GTS 450 is BETTER than GTX 260..
    Although its cheap, but i prefer performance over my budget...
    Anyways thx 4 ur effort...
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