Upcoming game cpu question

my setup
q8200@ 2.33ghz
hd4870 512mb
4gigs ram
Im looking forward to playing a game that will come out early next month: Kingdoms of amalur:reckoning.
Thing is: cpu requirements are pretty heavy, in fact heavier than any game i've seen so far.
My monitor only supports 1024x768 ( quite the strain on my cpu i guess )
I can play games like B:AC fine but that's not even heavy on the proc.
Question: if i upgrade to a monitor with 1366x768 will i see a performance gain in games? ( higher the res the less strain on cpu, right? ) I can get one for 35 euro's so it's doable for me. Btw, if this works for KOA and Diablo 3 i won't be upgrading in a while.

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  1. Hi :)

    I wouldnt worry about your CPU or Monitor until you get a much better graphics card...and NO its not higher res less stress for cpu lol...its the other way round but its also the stress on the graphics card.....and you are not going to be playing DIABLO 3 on that card unless its at the very lowest setting and it will look awful, assuming it runs at all...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. u have quad core cpu that is good for gaming u can overclock it if u like more performance and 1024*768 is very low resolution it will make no load on your cpu but 1366*768 is normal but it will also make not much load

    1080p resolution are high and they need good cpu+gpu
  3. Alright thanks for clearing that up :) Also Brett, have you seen the system requirements for diablo 3? i'm pretty sure i can max it out, at my res.
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