Z77 motherboards, so confusing

hi, decided to wade in for some info. i've been building for @ 15 years or so, always used gigabyte boards or supermicro. i'm starting a new build. i want to get a z77 board for future upgrade but will use a 2600k processor for now. i'm not a gamer, but i do like high performance computers. i've been looking at all the gigabyte boards and all the problems they are having, plus i absolutely loathe VIA chips so have decided gigabyte is likely out for this build.

started looking at asus, like the ASUS P8Z77-V PRO,,,but i just don't need or want wifi or bluetooth stuff. anyway,,,help steer me to something stable, fast, and reliable,,,please
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  1. never mind, i'll go with some other brand
  2. I have an Asrock extreme 4 z77 and it works good. Are there any specific features you want?
  3. i guess no one actually owns this board. i've bought another brand so there is no best answer here (as i have been prompted to choose) so this can be closed if admin desires
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