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Okay so i recently started to get a postcode out of the sudden, i even reinstalled my windows and changed back to xp from 7. Sometimes i get a 2 short pause 8 short pause 1 short pause 2 short beep code, like 2 - 8 - 1 -2 and it will just boot without displaying anything on the monitor, i can hear the windows startup sound. What is happening?
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  1. Motherboard is ata 133.

    i already cleared cmos several times, same post code
  2. i found out that the problem is my nvidia geforce gt 8500, so i removed it and started with the integrated one, how can i solve it..
  3. The video memory has gone bad on the card.
  4. weaselman said:
    The video memory has gone bad on the card.

    is there anyway to fix that or is it permanent?
  5. If the case time to buy a new card.
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