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Hi all.

I'm planning on buying a new computer. My price range is fairly limited, and what with my lack of computer knowledge I'm having a hard time deciding which system would be best for me.

The computer will be for general purpose, but if possible I wouldn't mind playing some old games on the side. The problem is there's a lot of Gfx cards being banded about in these packages and I'm totally clueless as to what would suffice.

For what it's worth, the type of game I'm hoping to run aren't too "modern" -- the likes of WoW. (:sweat:), older Civ games or games from the Total War series (Med2/Napoleonic). I'm not looking at the likes of SC2 as I imagine they're well out of my league in terms of price band.

Would any of these cards listed below be enough to "run" the games I listed? I'm not expecting top notch, high-filter gameplay. Just enough to get some enjoyment out.

AMD Radeon HD 6450 1GB DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE
GeForce GT 420 1GB DDR3

I'm really quite clueless when it comes to these sort of things. Any help? :)

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  1. 6450 hands down, the 6150 se is hopeless and a lost cause. The gt420 is on the weak side is like a gt220 level performance but it is also a Fermi era card and wouldn't be comparable due to the weaker shader. So for gaming I would take a 6450.
  2. Thanks, that's helpful.

    In terms of gaming, what sort of games do you expect the card would be able to handle? I'm just trying to get an idea here.

    And are there any other specs I should be looking at when evaluating, or is it mainly the GFX card to run games?
  3. What resolution are you expecting to game at?
  4. 1152 X 864
  5. A 6450 can handle this ress just fine. I got a amd a4 3300m that has a 6480 integrated. The 6450 can run at much better clocks than what I got on my laptop and I game at a higher ress than that. You can run crysis all on medium at that ress and you can overclock to smooth out any lag.
  6. Thanks. Been v helpful.
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