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I have a USB extension cable that came w/ my keyboard and mouse, I have it on my desk to plug in Thumbdrives, etc.

I am planing on getting a USB3 thumbdrive to replace my Painfully slow 16GB sandisk Cruzer. I was wondering if I plugged in that extension cable into a USB3 port would the drive work at USB3 speeds?

P.S. Any suggestions on 32GB+ USB thumbdrives?
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  1. do your board have and case support the usb 3.0 also does the cable is a 3.0 one and you got to find a 3.0 thumb drive
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    nope, it will drop down to its usb2 speed because of the usb2 cable.
  3. I have these:
    32 Gig
    64 Gig (Note larger than some)

    Read User comments and PAY attention to specs - Big diff on transfer speeds between diff brands
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