How do you remove a hard drive from a cpu

Okay - I have identified the hard drive but don't know what holds it, fastens it, into the computer guts. Can you tell? Possibly just a couple of screws. I removed the multi-colored cables and the ribbon cable seems to be slipped through a piece of plastic attached to the hard drive but not holding it in. I am a 71-yr-old woman, so please speak in novice terms. Thanks!
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  1. Hello skworth;

    What make and model of computer do you have? We can get a lot more specific if we know that.

    The hard drive usually sits in a tray and is attached to the tray by a few screws along the side.

    See is the video helps: Video:Install an IDE Hard Drive
  2. This is by far the coolest thread ever and I mean ever... A 71 year old women kicking ass on Tomshardware utilizing a forum to create a thread for helpful knowledge. I personally feel like driving over to your house to help you out. So kewl, way to go grandma!!!!
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