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Help is there any bundles or components you would recommend for a gaming PC lets say around £250-£300, something that i can have a Intel quad core processor, AMD Radeon HD 6600 Series / AMD Radeon HD 6670 2 Gb with 8 GB hyper space ????? , Something with 8-16GB RAM . Nice case e.g. cooler master haf x with good air flow but looks good, coolermaster fans etc etc ANY IDEAS ?????

Thanks ExtremeTechSolutions
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  1. its not doable on your budget, youll have to scrap the case you want i5 quad core. i5 is around £125, 8gb ram is around £21, motherboard is around £55, thats about £200 and you still need a hard drive, case, power supply graphics card, optical drive and a heat sink. save up another £150-200 or buy a used system. and for god sake learn proper component names. i have no idea what hyper space is, but i assume you mean ssd and anything under 64gb is useless unless you are using it as a ready cache disk
  2. thanks for you reply and my component names a perfectly fine thanks i just got one word wrong hyper memory !! and what motherboard are talking about ?
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