Computer Crashes Without BSOD

Hi, As thread title says my computer crashes when playing games without a blue screen of death, just turns to black and sound loops. I've done all the basics like cleaning out dust from my desktop, reformatting my computer, updating drivers and etc. I even ran diagnostics that turned out fine. Checked temps and voltage to be fine.

My computer is a:

Hp - P6210T
Windows 7 - 64 bit operating system
Nvidea Gt 220 graphics card
Pentium(R) dual-core Cup E5400 @2.70Ghz 2.70 Ghz
Ram 3.00 GB

The games that crash worked fine for a long time, its a problem that spontaneously arose. I even check event logger, but it records everything but the reason for the crash. Please help. Thank you in advance
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  1. Could be overheating of a computer component or an insufficient PSU.
  2. I have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. But I can say that it is not hardware related: For me, it started right when I downloaded the full version of a game that I already had a demo for (the demo worked fine). Case and point, it can't be the hardware. I think it has something to do with the corruption of the graphics card because I also have a graphics card from the same manufacturer (and windows 7). Sorry, no solutions: I am looking for them, though. But I know nothing about PCs so don't ask me.
  3. That happenes a lot when people come in with CPU heatsinks that aren't on all the way (and the CPU is overheating).

    Sounds like as AbdullahG said, either the CPU or GPU is overheating or the PSU is going.

    What are the specs of the PSU.
  4. Have you also tried updating the nvidia drivers?
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