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PC Crashing, need help

Pretty simple, this happens on almost every game I've tried and sometimes with no game running I hear my PC post and reboot while nothing is going on it and I'm out of the room. This happens while OC'd and defaulted with no OC.

First crash type: Seems like the on-board sound, I have updated drivers, disabled the on-board sound card and tried an Audigy PCIE. Disabling the on-board in the bios actually doesn't stop the sound from coming over the HDMI to my monitor's speakers. The crashes SEEMED to abate with the Audigy in but they came back (like I said I don't know if the on-board was ever truly off as disabling it in the bios lets it still play sound.)

Crash type 2: Computer will (with no programs running and a fresh reboot) reboot itself while I'm not in the room.

Temperatures are under 42 degrees celsius even when OC'd.
Drivers have been updated frequently.

Motherboard: ASRock 880G Extreme3
CPU: AMD Phenom 2 quad-core 840
PSU: Coolmax CTI-700B 700W Dual-Fan Power Supply
Vid: AMD Radeon HD 6850
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    1. get the system stable at stock before overclocking

    2. the sound over the hdmi cable comes from your gpu, not the onboard sound card, that only outputs to the speaker cable(the green 3.5mm jack)

    3. reset to bios defaults

    4. go to the amd website and make sure you have the latest drivers for the 880g chipset

    5. run a virus scan...the quick 1 that just scans not clean, quarantine everything

    5 has been the culprit for the majority of the random restarts ive ever seen, once he mmemory is clean, do a deep tissue, the one u have to leave on all night
  2. I've not been overclocking since the crashes became apparent, I was overclocked to test it before this happened.

    I run a virus scan weekly but I'll do the quick one and reset the bios again. Will post in a bit after test to see if any crashes happen.
  3. I'm not sure why it worked this time but I wiped the drivers (3rd time) and reinstalled them, the motherboard drivers for AMD seemed to fix the issue.
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