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Hey guys, i'm not sure what i post this under but anywas i need help. My computer starts up and goes past a couple of screen then it starts to flash - over and over in the top right hand corner. What can i do? I got told to do Ctrl+Alt+Del but that didnt work? I tried the first time my computer did that a few days ago and it work but it won't this time. i really need the help. I have a pic of whatit is doing.
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  1. Hi, It can't find a booting drive. It might be a HDD issue (check the cables). Try tapping F8 a restart and see if you get your hdd as a booting device.
  2. Okay, the cabels inside the copmuter?
  3. kay, i looked at everything and it seems to be just fine. I tried f8 but nothing happen oh and im on windows 7 is thats any help.but whenidid try Ctrl+Alt+Del it rstartd a said scannig fr drives...... and then ent totha - sreen. know nything can do? i really don't wana have to spend a lot to replae anything.
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