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Best budget graphics card for my computer?

I want to know a good graphic card for gaming with a price thats preferably in the low 50-100 dollar range. Also, my power supply is 350w. Thanks.

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz
RAM: 3.0GB
Motherboard: intel dg41ty (integrated)
Anything else I need to include?
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  1. You have a pretty decent CPU

    If anything i'd suggest buying a new power supply and the HD radeon 6770 if its available for a fair price in your country.

    But rather wait for stank's reply ;D
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    Is it a cheapo power supply or a quality unit? If it's a good quality unit you should be ok with HD5670.,2997-2.html

    HD5670 1gb DDR5
  3. Its a Allied AL-C350ATX MAX350W. Not sure if it counts as a quality unit :|
  4. I Guess This Is Your PSU:-

    Now According To That, It Has 15A On A Single 12V Rail.. Which Means It Can Give Out Only 180W Power!
    The 12V Rail Is The One Which Powers Your CPU,GPU Etc. So Basically You Can't Buy A High End Card!

    The Best Card For Your PSU Is An ATI HD 5670:- (70$)
  5. looks like im replacing my PSU then. Thanks everyone :D
  6. Consider yourself lucky. I ran across someone yesterday with a gateway, same cpu as you and 180w psu.

    I was going to tell the guy to add a video card, he would need to replace the power supply, but upon further review, I realized his motherboard didn't even have a pci-e slot. You could see the solder points on the board, but apparently they left it off to save 25 cents.
  7. Your Board:-

    It Definitely Has A PCI-E Slot!
    And While Choosing A PSU, Please Choose A Branded One Only. Like Corsair,Antec,Coolermaster,Gigabyte,FSP Saga II etc.
    And Also Buy Those Which Are 80 PLUS Certified!(More Than 80% Perfomance Under Full Load)!
  8. Yeah we know it has a pci-e slot, he mentioned the motherboard in his first post.
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