Brand new mobo burn out

Just last week I purchased an ASUS Sabertooth motherboard. Just yesterday my PC randomly shut off while surfing the web. It wouldn't power back on. I reset the power supply and then it turned on fine. All of a sudden I hear sparks and smell smoke. I immediately opened up my case to investigate. Everything looked fine cable wise. Then all of a sudden I saw it. On the motherboard between the rear usb3 plugs and the northbrige heatsinks is a melted burn spot. I then flip over the motherboard to see the sign of the burn on the back as well. Is this a defective motherboard? Power supply problem? Any advise would be appreciated!
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  1. What PSU were you using?
  2. It is a Corsair HX 620w
  3. The rest of my setup is....
    AMD Quad core 965 BE 3.4 cpu
    Nvidia 460gtx
    2x8gigs Corsair ddr3 1600 ram
    WD 300gig hdd
    Creative xfi soundcard
    DVD drive
    Bluray drive

    ASUS Sabertooth 990fx
    Corsair 620w ps
  4. You have a "good one" there. :( The MB is toast. Try and RMA but they might blame the PSU. How old is it?

    Location of charring makes me wonder if it took out the CPU as well. Darn close to where one of the power connectors is located. No charring on video card makes me suspect there was no surge from the PSU to take out the MB.

    Worst case - new PSU, MB and CPU and maybe ram. Best case just a new MB.

    Definitely do not turn it on any more.
  5. The psu is about 5 years old.

    Truth is after this occurrence, I let it sit for awhile. Then tried booting it again. Everything came up fine. CPU, Ram, GPU seemed fine. Ran some tests. All good.

    Couple hours later my PC turned off again. Repeated everything I did before but this time I had my finger on the kill switch. Powered up started smoking from the same spot on the mobo. I killed it and am now talking to you.

    I think my other hardware is fine?

    Does this second occurrence give you any more thoughts?
  6. Yes. Stop turning it on.

    Seriously. Stop turning it on. The thing will not magically fix itself.

    Replace the motherboard.
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