Possible cpu problems?

My build:

amd phenom 965 BE
asus m5a97 motherboard
gtx 650 ti
cooler master 460w psu
wd caviar blue hard drive
patriot 8gb ram

I have a feeling that my motherboard or maybe some other component has some problems. My phenom 965 used to have a windows index rating of 6 or 7 but now it is 3.7. I ran some stress tests on my cpu and I noticed that the vcore voltage would always stay at .984v and the temperatures would never go above 40. My fps in games have also been dropping. On skyrim ultra I have about 20 fps average. I used to use a gt 430 and I just recieved my gtx 650 ti two days ago. I am not sure when my problems started occurring because it was only when I recieved my gtx 650 ti that I started gaming. I have overclocked my cpu before all the way up the 4.2 and put the voltage up to 1.5v and temperatures were never high. I restored my cpu back to normal settings but I do not see much performance difference, so maybe I caused some permanent damage on it. Another possible reason for my problems is that my psu is not good enough to support my phenom and my 650 ti together. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get my cpu's performance back to normal.
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  1. maybe u have damaged ur cpu friend or maybe cpu is bottlenecing gpu
  2. cpu bottlenecking has nothing to do with windows index rating. Since you've Oc'ed successfully too, its unlikely that there is any damage to the cpu. and yes 3.7 is way too low for 965 BE at stock. have you tried running the assessment again without the gpu. Your psu seems adequately powered to handle your cpu gpu combo. Disable cool and quiet from the BIOS, and shut down all cpu intensive programs and rerun the assessment.
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