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Notebook CPU Upgrade: Can I replace my AMD A4 with an A8

I want to upgrade my AMD A4-3300m processor with an AMD A8-3500M.

Both are FS1 socket AMD processors that pull 35W of power.

Current processor:

Possible upgrade:

I also read somewhere that the a4 die size is 226mm2 and the a8 die size is 218mm2. Does the die size in any way affect how it will fit on the motherboard or is the difference in size because of the number of cores?

Here's a link to my laptop (Toshiba L775-S7304) if it's of any use:
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  1. Die size does not matter. What matters are the following:

    1. Same Socket - You're ok.
    2. Recognized by BIOS - Questionable, you'll need to check w/ Toshiba
  2. That's assuming the APU is not soldered into the motherboard.
  3. Yeah. It looks I'm going to have to call Toshiba tomorrow.

    I'm having doubts though because I can't find one single L775D that comes with an A8 stock...

    And wait... I thought socketed CPU's weren't soldered in. That's why they're socketed. Does this mean they sometimes solder processors with sockets?
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    Tosiba Satellite L770D-BT5N11 customizable notebook
    Offers the option to upgrade the basic A6-3400M to the A8-3500M.
    Uploaded with

    -> It's always a good idea to find someone else (if you can) who's already made the switch and learn what that experience was like for them.

    To be honest, I don't favor the A6-A8 swap out. It's too much like a sideways upgrade - no 'real' performance boost.
  5. Dang son...

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You just gave me a little gleam of hope. I've been looking at this junk for hours now.

    I went to the driver downloads page of my laptop, clicked on "bios" then "applicable models"

    L770D-BT5N1 was the second one on the list.

    Surely Toshiba wouldn't switch out the entire mobo for a $40 processor upgrade

    P.S. The whole reason why I want to do this is because of the integrated graphics. I wanna do some light gaming (COD 2 & 4, ETC.) The A4 can handle it, but I want a little more power in the graphics department.

    On the graphics benchmark my A4 (Radeon HD 6480G) is ranked 194 and the A8 (Radeon HD 6620G) is ranked 128. Also I youtubed it and they seem significantly better.

    It's $89.99 with free shipping. Wat do?

    I already know it's going to be a lot of work because the CPU's on Toshibas are on the bottom of the motherboard with no easy access from the bottom.
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