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Would a CORSAIR TX V2 750W power supply be enough for standard clocks for 2 GTX 570 Sli and a core i5 2500k also at stock clock.

And also would this cpu (at stock clocks) bottleneck these 2 cards, i know it doesn't do that with a single card, but what about dual. If it does bottleneck, how much GHz would i approximately need and would it compromise my power supply.

The reason i'm even considering this is because there is a very good discount at the moment for that power supply (Down to 109€ from 180€)

Thank you for response in advance
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  1. Rather than SLI 570 just get a single 580 :O.

    A 750w would be good. :)
  2. Now i'm also considering getting Radeon HD 6870 in Crossfire, because of the huge discount on the PSU, so i can have some more raw horsepower.

    Oh and could someone please address my concern about the bottlenecking, i don't know much about dual gpu bottlenecks.
  3. A 6870 in crossfire? Just get a GTX 580 :O.
  4. I doubt there would :). The i5-2500k is one of the best CPUs for this Gen.
  5. cutebeans said:
    A 6870 in crossfire? Just get a GTX 580 :O.

    6870 in Crossfire is on average like what, 20 frames per second faster than a single gtx 580 and also like 30 euros cheaper and only requires ~50 watts more power.
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