Sabertooth 990FX and dual-channel RAM question

Hello again community,

I have another question regarding RAM and the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX motherboard.

So I've been looking closely at the specs for my mobo and see that it supports dual-channel RAM and has 4 DIMM slots. Does this mean that if I buy a kit of 4 DIMMS (labeled "quad-channel") it will run in dual-channel mode anyways?

My CPU is an AMD Vishera 8350 and the memory controller supports 1866 speeds in dual-channel mode and throttles the speed down to 1600 if under quad-channel mode. Since the mobo only supports dual-channel (I think?) does this mean that if I buy a kit of 4 DIMMS @ 1866 speed, my CPU/Mobo will utilize the RAM in dual-channel @ 1866?

I appreciate any input! :)
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  1. Anybody? :(
  2. yes they'll run in dual channel mode since there is no quad channel for AM3+ boards.
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