Buying more Memory(RAM) Inspiron

I'm interested in buying more ram for my computer. I don't know much about this stuff so I wanted to ask a couple of questions.

I have found this on ebay:

I have an Dell Inspiron 560 and I was wondering if I could buy these and connect them into my motherboard. I currently have 4gb of ram. Would I need anything other than the memory chips? Should my motherboard already have extra ports for these chips?

Thanks for reading.
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  1. You should still have 2 slots open. Unless you have to use ebay, I would buy from a real store.
  2. way too overpriced for ebay. Did you read the article today where ram prices have dropped to $1.62 per stick of 4gb,18927.html
  3. @nvalhalla Thanks for the info :D

    @mightymaxio Will these sticks work with my computer? Do sticks of ram have to be compatible with particular computers or do all ram sticks work with all computers?
    How is this stick so low priced? Does it work as well as the others?
  4. Check if what your motherboards supported speeds are before you buy RAM. And unless you have to use eBay, buy from a retail store such as CompUSA or BestBuy. If you're buying on eBay, make sure there is a return policy just in case it's DOA.
  5. That's what manufacturers sell to retailers at so obviously there will be markups but still by far cheaper than the ram off of ebay.
    For example a single 4gb stick of DDR3 1600 by corsair is only 17.99 with free shipping from newegg.
  6. Do not buy a single 4GB stick for your PC, the manufacturer does not validate DIMMs larger than 2GB for that motherboard.
  7. nvalhalla said:
    Do not buy a single 4GB stick for your PC, the manufacturer does not validate DIMMs larger than 2GB for that motherboard.

    Oh man that's not good news.... I have 4 ports for my ram sticks. Each port currently has 1gb... so buying a 2gb stick just seems like a waste of money. Lol

    How hard is it to get more ports on my motherboard?

    I searched on Newegg's Memory Finder and it shows that I can buy 4gb sticks.

    I'm I missing something?


    Connectors four internally-accessible DDR3 DIMM sockets

    Memory-module capacities 1 GB and 2 GB
  9. Maybe this will help.
    Ram is made by a slew of manufactures as there a slew of mobo manufactures. The link provided for your specs needs to be studied. Then you can pick Ram off that list and not worry if it is compatible.
    You will find ram that has different MHZ and price jumps of 20-35 bucks per (so called upgrade) The time it took me to type this, is the time you will save with buying faster Ram. It is measured in Milliseconds. Some prefer ( as I did) to buy one rung up from the bottom or minimum mhz's recommended.
    IE:1333 is bare bones and 1600 is the next bump up. I did this incase I want to Over clock my Ram. I may never do it. It sounds like you wont either. So most likely the minimum mhz will work.

    You mention going from 1gb to 2gb Is it worth it? Doubling your Ram will be noticed, when using some applications. Pends on what you do with your computer?
    Porn, surfing and reading. NO Playing a game, using photoshop and editing a home video. Yes. I am sure that will be your last Dell, as was Dell was my last built computer I would buy. Other then a laptop from any manufacture. Dell like to use salespeople to sell their products and (EDit **)* NOT tech savvy people like you will find on this forum. I now have built/building a desktop for myself without the restrictions those boxed/canned computers that they sell. FYI I edit video and am only installing 16gb of ram. You are able to have 8gb of ram. Again it depends on what you are going to use it for if you will ever use the ram at all.
    Hope that helps understand the money and use of Ram. After all those who say money does not matter are either Amish or Lottery winners.
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