Keeps making griding clicking sounds

My laptop keeps making a grinding crackling noise along with a loud clicking coming from the top right side of the laptop. Only a year old, most definately not the speakers and i am keeping it well ventilated, the latop does not freeze or lag.

So it didnt at first then started happening only when i over used it then i turned it off and it goes away, not it happens when its been turned on for about 5mins. My laptop is an Acer Aspire S3
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  1. Grinding and clicking are usually the HDD. Make sure nothing important is stored on it and look into getting a nice SSD upgrade. You know you've wanted one anyways.
  2. The system fan is at the top right of the system the HDD(which I believe is an SSD on the S3 ultrabook) is at the top left. A failed fan bearing will make the noise you are describing. The S3 does come with a 1 yr warranty so if this is less than 1 yr old you may want to contact them to get the system repaired.
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