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Airflow question

Alright, so I have an Antec DF-85 case, and I have this snaking feeling that for how many fans I have my internal case temps are too high.

So here's what I have running fan wise:

4 120mm fans, 3 in front one on side.

2 120mm fans, both on back
2 140mm fans, both on top

2 120mm fans in push/pull on my cpu heatsink, The pull fan is right near the upper back exhaust fan.

So my questions are mainly about airflow...

Do I have the fans set right? Mainly the side fan, should I change it to exhaust instead of intake?

My average temps are sitting at 24C is that good or bad? I really have no idea what to aim for here.

Lastly, how much am I affecting airflow using a pull fan that seems so close to the upper back exhaust? They have a small bit of space between them (I can put around 2 fingers between them),
but I have noticed if I look down through the top fan grills while it's running the upper fan seems slower...

What I mean by that is I can see it spinning so to speak... Where as the identical fan below it seems faster.

Oh and one more quick thing, what am I looking for in terms of fans to buy? Currently I've just been settling on Red LED fans because they look cool... xD

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    Judging from your case temp, you are fine.
  2. 24C is perfectly normal. But, what's your setup? Most procs. idle at around 30-38C which is still cool and considered normal. Even up to the 50's is 'normal' for most CPU's. Don't sweat it. If you can handle the noise level of that jet-engine (well, it's not a server so not *quite* jet/turbine) then you're golden.
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