Should I use the HDMI to HDMI?

Hi, I got a Samsung SnycMaster BX2350 with only the VGA and HDMI connection. Until recently I was using the HDMI to DVI to connect the monitor with my graphic card because the graphic card didn't have a HDMI input.

But now I bought a new graphic card with the HDMI input so I'm asking this,

Is it better to use the HDMI - HDMI cable to connect the monitor to my pc? And why?

Using the HDMI cable will it get rid of the annoying Overscan issues I get with using the HDMI - DVI cable?
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  1. Yes it would be a very good idea. It makes sense to do so. Apart from the fact you are achieving compatibility with the card and the screen, the cable is lighter. The video quality is the same as DVI but much better than VGA. Also if you want to watch Blu Ray on your machine then you will have a compatible card and screen. A lot of disks won't play unless they recognize HDMI technology. It is possible it may deal with over scan. Just make sure the screen is set to its default resolution. If you still have problems after that it is likley software / driver / configuration issue as you have just replaced both card and screen.
  2. no differences between HDMI and DVI except for that HDMI has a built in 7.1 HD Audio so you don't have to plug any cables to get a surrounding sound. both run 1080P just fine without any problem, so it's not logical to use adapter while you have both DVI in your card and monitor
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